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1 / 30What should you do if there is an obstacle on your side of the road that makes it difficult to pass by with the vehicle in front of you?

2 / 30Is it allowed to turn around in this place?

3 / 30In which directions is the car allowed to move?

4 / 30The road sign means:

5 / 30Which road sign is called "Pedestrians"?

6 / 30What is the maximum allowed speed for a passenger car from April 1st until October 31st on the road section marked with this sign?

7 / 30Which road sign prohibits driving in reverse?

8 / 30Which car has priority?

9 / 30What is the maximum allowed speed for trucks when towing motor vehicles with a flexible tow bar?

10 / 30Both cars are leaving the parking space at the same time. Which of them must give way in this situation?

11 / 30Is it allowed to turn around here?

12 / 30Which road sign prohibits vehicles from parking only on non-working days?

13 / 30What is the basis for determining the number of traffic lanes on the carriageway?

14 / 30Are pedestrians allowed to walk on the motorway?

15 / 30To whom must car "3" give way?

16 / 30The correct position of the driver's hands on the steering wheel is:

17 / 30To whom must car "3" give way?

18 / 30Which road sign prohibits vehicles from parking only on working days?

19 / 30Which car will exit the intersection second (car 1 is turning right)?

20 / 30What should you pay attention to when this symbol lights up on the dashboard?

21 / 30At the request of a police officer, the driver must submit to being checked:

22 / 30Is it allowed to cross a narrow continuous line of horizontal road markings?

23 / 30Which of the depicted trajectories for turning around is correct?

24 / 30Is the driver of the blue car allowed to overtake?

25 / 30In which traffic lanes is a passenger car allowed to drive in the settlement, if the carriageway is free?

26 / 30How is the main road defined?

27 / 30Which road sign says "Two-way traffic"?

28 / 30Near which bodies of water can a fog form on the road?

29 / 30When approaching an intersection of equivalent roads, you must:

30 / 30What should a driver do before getting out of the car when he stops on the right side of the road?